About Us:

IDT is a world leader in the provision of telecommunications services. Has network infrastructure distributed in the 5 continents by where they are taught more than 30,000 billion minutes annually ensuring quality and competitive provision of their services.

IDT Corporation has its headquarters in the United States and offices in Latin America, Europe and Asia, has more than 1,400 employees and an annual turnover of more than USD 1,600 million.

IDT Corporation is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

IDT Latin America

IDT is present in Latin America since 2000 worked in various countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile

IDT has a team of professionals to provide the best services. And a complete portfolio of services and voice telephony. We are one of the world leaders in the termination of international calls. We rely on the quality, innovation and competitive Price

Prepaid phone cards

To call your family with the lowest rate.

IDT is the largest firm in the world for sale and distribution of phone cards. We sell a wide variety of cards at competitive prices throughout the world that is very easy to use, please ask for an IDT card, purchase the most suited to your needs in kiosks, autoservices, callshops.


Economize in communications.

Communicate to any destination from any telephone.

Calls to cell phones without credit.

Use them from controlled lines