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Phone Card Benefits/Why Phone Cards Online?

Benefits of Phone Cards
Prepaid calling cards are the best choice for long distance calls , simply because they have the best prices and let you control your spending , no surprises . In addition you can use from any phone either a cell or a land line , so give you maximum mobility.
College students who are away from their families , immigrants, businessmen and tourists especially.
We invite you to search by selecting from that country and that country want to make calls and check our cards offer the best quality / price ratio.
Do not be fool by other providers that can offer lower prices usually achieved by applying the hidden costs that reduce your calling time .
In IdtShop have the security and support of IDT the leading phone cards supplier worldwide.

Why buy them online ?
BCalling cards are a virtual product, personal identification number we call PIN. For this reason the most convenient channel to distribute pin is the online channel. It follows that are sold online and this has a great advantage for the buyer :

  • You can check fares based destinations all time and all places from the comfort of your home, office , college, hotel etc and choose the best card for you.
  • Get the PIN instantly wherever you are, send it by email.

How phone cards work?

It's simple, when you buy a phone card are actually buying a PIN (one personal identification number ) that is associated with a calling plan for some minutes by origin and destination, this plan usually call it " phone card ".

Depending on the destination call dial the access number ( an 0800 or a local number we will provide you ) then you will be prompted to enter your PIN and then you can dial the number you want to call the destination country with its code area.

Depending on the destination call dial the access number ( an 0800 or a local number we will provide you ) then you will be prompted to enter your PIN and then you can dial the number you want to call the destination country with its code area.

PIN-Free Access

How does a Pinless Card work?
No need to remember the PIN. When you register IdtShop you log into the My Account section , a phone number can be your phone, your phone line or a telephone from which think make calls. When you dial the access number from the registered phone know that it is you and not need to enter the PIN again , you can directly enter the destination number.

I can call from different phones?
To call from a phone that is not registered , simply dial the access number, enter your PIN and then dial your destination number.

How to recharge my phone card ?
Reload your card is recharge your PIN. Select your card , select the amount you want to recharge and press refresh that way will add funds to your card.


How do I register?
If you buy first , then choose a calling card will be asked to enter your information and your account will be created.

How many accounts can I create?
It is best to have one account but if you want you can create multiple accounts with different emails. Having a single account offers many advantages:

  • It is easier to remember your password, mail and other log data;
  • If you receive purchase volume discounts, it is easier to achieve volume from a single account;
  • It will be verified as a new user only once , if you open multiple accounts we will check one by one.
How I can change my registration information ?
If you access My Account you can change all your information there including your email address.

What happens if I forget my password?
If you press the link " Forgot Password " located on the top of the site , you will be taken to a page where you are prompted to enter the email address you registered on the site and get in your e -mail password.

Why should verify orders ?
Check your purchase order is how we protect our customers against credit card fraud and identity theft. Our team of fraud agents inspect and verify all orders to ensure their safety and know that you are you and that the credit card belongs to you.

Choosing a Card

How can I find the best phone card for me?
A card with the lowest rate is not always the best ! Read the description of each card (Details).
- Depends on your use of the card, if you make calls very frequently we recommend a card with a 1 minute rounding , but if you make a lot of calls lasting a card with a 3 minute rounding.
- Check cell phone rates if you are going to call a cell phone number.
- Pay attention if a card is toll free and local access . Rates are generally higher when a toll free access number ( an 0800 ) was used. Our cards are unique in offering 0800 at local number prices.

What if I call to different countries ?
Generally, you can use the same card for several national and international destinations from the same country of origin. After selecting the desired destination will see the cards in order of the best rate . When searching for other destinations check the rates for each destination are different and so will know how to buy a suitable card to your intended use.

Can I purchase a card to call the U.S. from abroad?
Yes, you can.

How long is my card valid ?
The shelf life of our phone cards usually is 180 days from activation ( first call ), but can be recharged PINES (at least one refill in 10 months is required ) . Please see the details of the card for information on the specific card.

Payment Online

How can I order online ?
When you select the phone card you want to buy , please click the "buy" button and follow the instructions ( we require that you register on our website, if you have not already).

How can I pay?
You pay by entering your credit card information in the required fields.
We also accept PayPal.
My credit card was not accepted : If you failed to make your order please check if you have correctly written information of your credit card . If you still have trouble placing an order , please contact our customer service and we will gladly assist.
What is the CSC code?
The Card Security Code (CSC) is a 3- or 4-digit number printed on the back side of the credit card (typically in the signature field after your account number or last four digits of your account number).

Is it safe to buy online ?
Yes, We strive to make your online purchases are safe and secure experience. The security of your personal information, contact information, and transactions is a priority for us.

All online transactions on our website are handled by the Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL) protocol with a key length of 128- bits (the highest level commercially available ) . This ensures that your credit card information is confidential and your order remains secure.

Receiving PIN(s) and Instructions

How do I get my PIN?
All verified users receive PIN ( s ) and all instructions on how to use it instantly on screen and a copy is also sent to your email box.
The first time some buyers who have not passed the initial control of fraud or ue for some reason the transaction is suspicious we receive a request for verification of our Customer Service.
Lost my PIN and Instructions
Go to "Home" -> "My Account" -> "Purchase Report". Click on your invoice number for details. If you are still having trouble, please contact Customer Service.

Where can I find Instructions for a card?
All verified users receive PIN ( s ) and all instructions instantly to the screen and a copy to the email . To find PIN ( s ) later, go to "Start" -> " My Account " -> " Purchase Report " . Click on your invoice number for details.

Where can I find an Access Number(s)?
Read instructions that you got with a PIN(s).
Local Access Number(s)
If you bought a card has a local access number ( s ), see card details to find a Local Access Number in specific area.

Purchase and Other Reports

Where I can find my Purchase Report?
If you're verified customer, go to "Home" -> "My Account" -> "Purchase Report".

Where I can find my purchase history ?
If you are a registered and verified user, go to "Start" - > "My Account" -> " Purchase Report ".

Savings Report
To view the Savings Report login to your account . Go to "Start" -> " My Account " -> " Savings Account " .

Make a Call

How I can make a call?
To make a call , dial the toll free or local access 0800 for your tarejta , then enter your "PIN" number , then you are prompted to enter the phone number you want to call . For details, see the instructions for your phone card (s).
Access Number(s)
Read the instructions that you received with your PIN ( s ) for your card ( s ) you purchased to find an access number (s).

Can I call from a cell phone?
Yes, you can call from a cell phone and from any touch-tone phone.

Calling a cell phone
Check the cell phone rates if you call a cell , note that if you call a cell rate is higher and therefore the card will last less than minutes.

Calling from a payphone
If you place a call from a payphone are subject to a surcharge for calling from payphones. View card details for exact amount for specific card.

Connectivity & Connection quality
If you have problems with the quality of your call , please call Customer Service of the card you bought. Please have your PIN ready . You can find the customer service numbers of the card in the card PIN.

Card Charges

Is there an extra charge for a phone card ?
No extra or hidden charges on our phone cards . View details of each phone card ( s ) you wish to purchase.

Maintenance Charges
It is a charge to maintain services cards . You can request Call History Registry Customer Service Card : call dates , from-to , Durations , Charges . The maintenance fee will be debited in minutes corresponding to your card each week (depending on card) from the time when activated to make your first call , and while there are still minutes available on your card or until the end of the validation period.

Rounding is the minimum amount of minutes per call to be debited . If the card has a 3 minute rounding and you talk a minute and short , three minutes is debited from your card , for example : Your call time is 16 minutes and 50 seconds, if rounding is 1 min , the call time is rounded up to 17 minutes but if rounding is 3 minutes, the duration of the call is rounded up to 18 minutes.

Taxes may apply for some cards . View the details of the card for information about the specific card.

Charges from Payphones
If you make a call from a payphone are subject to a surcharge of payphones. View card details for exact amount for specific card.

How can I check the minutes/balance on my card?
You will be informed how many minutes you have after a destination number is entered . With some cards you will be notified about your balance after a PIN is entered.

How many minutes will my card last ?
Our phone cards are detailed based on dollars / cents. The minute amount depends on destination you call, because different countries have different rates.